Turnkey projects

Being able to supply and install complete systems down to the point of use, we are able to provide peace of mind to our customers having to only deal with one supplier for all their needs instead of wasting time and money looking for other reliable sources of equipment services.

Ancillary equipment

We supply and install a full range of pneumatic cylinders, valves and controls along with all the necasary fittings and piping.

We service and repair most brands of side channel blowers used in the printing, medical and associated industries.

We also maintain a large range of cooling towers and equipment used alongside compressed air installation in order to maintain our goal of being able to offer a sole supplier solution.

We repair and maintain a range of dehumidifiers for the medical and electronics manufacturing environments that require strictly controlled levels of humidity in order to ensure consistency and product quality.

We service and repair a wide range of workshop equipment including vehicle lifts and lubrication pumps alongside our range of pneumatic equipment to complete our range of services to the automotive industry.

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